Friday, June 1, 2007

We picked a house! In five minutes!

Checklist before moving:Get rid of boyfriend (done)Give notice at job (done)Find another job (working on it)Go to tanning beds to get some sort of skin pigmentationGet teeth whitenedGet clothes I won’t have a heat stroke in (2 new dresses, 1 top, 3 long shorts down)Get hair touched upFigure out a place to go to school (done)Fix the hold on my record at MCC and register for classes (done)Throw out all clothes I will not wear that I fooled myself into buying (done)Toss out anything I haven’t used/looked at in over 90 days (done)We picked a house! Our roundabout trip was utterly exhausting. We got home at 11:00 at night, then I had to take a bath because of my legs… Then James called and wanted to talk. 1:00 in the morning I went to sleep. 7:00 in the morning I was awake, out of bed and cleaning so the house would be spotless for the many visiting realtors. Ugh.Anyway, about the house. We were between a really big house out in Gilbert (AKA fucking Egypt) and a smaller home in Tempe near our family. Tempe won. Once again we were on a time crunch and just kind of had to say ‘this house works. We’ll take it, and oh yeah, we need the owner booted out in 3 weeks’.So now I’m fighting with Mesa Community College, who wants to make me pay two grand for nine units of courses… needless to say, that is not happening. I will only be taking 6 units and paying $500. I’m currently in the middle of an argument that classes with the same damn title should transfer. So, again I’m not eating, again I am giving myself anxiety attacks, and again I am constantly nauseated. Fun fun fun!