Saturday, September 1, 2007

I call bullshit!

The newest Bachelor is a liar (surprise!). Liar liar pants on fire! He’s a ‘self made millionaire’ who would give anything to have a wife. Says he wants to be a perfect husband, a good father, blah blah blah. If you’re this awesome, why do you need to be on some reality show to get a girl? I never watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette series; the backstabbing and lying upsets me and makes me think I should never date again. But tonight I wanted to find out about this new Bachelor, mainly because it looks like someone shrunk his head. I guess I just can’t comprehend how he can go from ‘I want to be a great husband’ to ‘Sure, I’ll suck the lime and tequila out of your cleavage’. From ‘I’m a respectful Southern gentleman’ to ‘I’m going to kiss a dozen different girls in one night’. I don’t get it.Are guys really like this? My cousins don’t do this, my guy friends don’t either. Or, at least they’re smart enough to avoid doing it around recording equipment. I swear, if I find out that all the good guys are gone… I’m going to take my best friend as my domestic partner and never look back. Although we did inadvertently swap spit once, while licking and wiping our fingers around a plate of powdered sugar, I’m pretty sure neither of us will be doing body shots off anyone any time soon.In other news… since we’re talking dating… I now am on two different dating websites, and I’m not allowed to say either name anymore (you’ll have noticed I deleted previous references), because now my little bitty freelance article has become this huge blown up experiment in dating, relating, and figuring out how the two sites work. I have some good options on both sites-had a date from one this weekend (Mr. Literary-he reads books!). Not really anything spectacular, but better than some have been. I have two awesome guys I’m talking to on the newer site, they will be The Boxer and The Pretty Boy. I have a little bit of an internet crush on both, now lets see if I can score some dates. I’ve already had a few too many-I accidentally texted the wrong guy Sunday night and was almost busted. I am so not good at this. I’m weeding out the extras; I’ll come up with my list of contenders soon. The Pretty Boy and The Boxer are totally in the final cut.