Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ohhh.... damn.

So I... went on a bit of a book buying binge before my Hawaii trip. I am now in possession of 6 new books and one new magazine. I bought:~"First Person Plural"-an autobiography of living with Multiple Personality Disorder~"Lord John and the Private Matter"-I NEEDED a romance novel. Shut up.~"Keep The River to Your Right"-Some idiot decided to go live with a cannibalistic tribe in the Peruvian jungle and then wrote about it.~"Damage Control"-A series of essays by women on the reasons why they do the different beauty rituals they do, and what those things mean to them.~"Icarus Girl"-Novel about a girl having issues fitting in in America, so she's sent to live with family in Nigeria... supposedly involves a lot of Nigerian mythology.~National Geographic's latest edition. It involves the Maya, therefore I want to read it.~"Barbie Chronicles"-again a series of women's essays, this time on their love/hate/apathetic relationship to Barbie. I've gotten really into essay compilations ever since my ex bought me a copy of "Consider the Lobster" (along with something shiny from Tiffany's) for Christmas back in '05.It's funny; with all my books, with my damn near addiction to them, rarely does a boyfriend or friend buy me books. My ex-fiancee bought me "The Things They Carried", Jeff bought me the book mentioned above, but beyond that, unless it's my parents or my Jennie, no one buys me books.Yesterday there was an exception. My biological father extended an olive branch in the form of a sushi dinner and three large coffee-table books full of glossy photos of San Francisco. Apparently he really does follow my blog. My first time seeing him in about five years, and he brought me picture books of my beloved city... If I did stupid sentimental things like cry, I think I would have yesterday when I opened that package.