Saturday, September 1, 2007

Time for a new vehicle

So… I’m going to be buying myself a new car this weekend. Out with the old, in with the new.I never really wanted my car to begin with. My car was what I could afford, nothing more. It used to be a rental, it has stained seats, and you can only unlock the doors via the driver’s side door. Not a classy vehicle. So now that I can afford something nicer, I decided to go with something bigger, so I could fit my cousins in it more easily, and something a little less… cheap looking. So I’m buying a mini-SUV.The thing is, the new car is going to take some time to really make mine. Granted, my little Hyundai can’t go over 60 without having an epileptic seizure. Granted, if I hit anything, I will die in a twisted crush of metal. But, I’ve also been driving this little thing for about 4 years; I bought and paid for it myself. Not my first car, but the first car that I bought all on my own. There’s a bit of attachment to it.I packed all my crap into it and drove to Southern California, cursing the lazy moving company that left half our stuff behind, and the move itself that was causing me to leave a boyfriend behind. I’ve driven off in it to sit in a parking lot and sob, because I can’t stand the thought of any human seeing me cry. I got caught by the cops engaging in ‘public indecency’ with one of my boyfriends. That car has been the site of kisses, screaming fights, hysterics, panic attacks, shouts of joy, and times where my friends and I have looked like idiots with the stereo cranked up. I love the stupid thing. Or I love what’s happened in it, the memories.Guess I’ll just have to make new memories in my new car. At least I have an excuse to act like a moron. And maybe commit a few more public indecencies.