Monday, October 1, 2007

Did I turn into a pumpkin at midnight?

The Boxer… is awesome. He blew all the other guys out of the water by allowing me to be a total dork last night and being one right along with me. We had Date #2, and were together for nearly five hours, and neither of us wanted to go when it was finally midnight. Great conversation, laughs, air hockey… very fun. Best part? This is the second time we’ve been out, and this time we were in a place with a bar, and he hasn’t drank a single alcoholic thing. Oh yes. Keeper.We went to dinner and a movie followed by this arcade type thing, where I showed off my complete ineptness with a gun (I died within approximately 40 seconds on every shooting game), my awesomeness at motorcycle games, and how much I suck at the driving car games (I finally gave up, smashed my car into my fourth ambulance of the night, and tried to reach across and cover his eyes). Also held my own in air hockey and watched him do this virtual boxing match, which was quite possibly the hottest thing ever. Something about a good looking guy getting all physical… mmm… anyway, I digress.The problem is this. He likes me, he’s made that clear. He wants to see me again. He pretty much told me we’re dating. But not even an attempt at a kiss goodnight. I even went in for a second hug goodbye, did the looking up at him thing… nothing. Just, “Make sure to text me so I know you got home safe”. Well, that and “When you walk away I’m totally going to check out your ass”. But still. Not even a hint at a kiss. I'm not going for some long goodnight kiss, on a second date. I'm going for a little peck goodbye. And I got nada! So this, of course, has sent me into an OCD downward spiral, in which I go over everything possible for the whole night to determine if maybe I was getting the big kiss-off. I’m not. And I’m confused. I don't kiss on first dates... I have this thing about touching humans I hardly know. But second date, especially when you're getting along so well... ::Sigh:: If it happens again on the third date I'm going to flip.