Sunday, July 1, 2007

I totally had a date.

And the guy was cute, sweet, and not visibly deranged. Talk about exciting! I actually had a good time, no pressure, no forced conversation. Not like the one the week before. Awkward silences, poking my food around my plate, trying to make the conversation keep stumbling along.See, I, as I have mentioned before, hate dating with a passion. It feels like an interview for a job I don't really want. But sometimes, on rare occasions, you get a date that feels like you're meeting a new friend. Those ones are the best.

Too much STUFF.

So it's getting to be about that time for me to select from my thirteen art prints which ones make the final cut and will be put on my bedroom walls. I have thirteen prints and I love them all, but virtually none of them go together. My favorites (that are framed) are:A framed print of van Gogh's Starry Night, which isn't going up because it's about to be replaced with a larger, obscenely expensive stretched canvas.Two small black and white photographs I bought in Berkeley that are somehow put onto a piece of plywood. One is of the San Francisco Bridge, the other is of birds flying past an archway.A painting I bought in Venice Beach. I use the term 'painting' loosely. It was made with spraypaint, newspaper, and a putty knife. I ended up talking with the painter, an illegal from El Salvador, for an hour and then bought my orange and black 'Halloween' painting.Edvard Munch's The Scream, in a beautiful cherrywood frame, double-matted in burgundy and gold.None of this goes together. Not even a little. And my favorite print of all isn't even framed, because it's so big it will have to be custom. I have about 6 other pieces lying around that will not go up on my walls.On top of all this artwork, there are my books. Oh God, my books... at last count I had over 250. They're everywhere. I swear they reproduce when I'm not looking. When did I get so much... stuff?

THAT'S why I don't use Facebook...

I decided to look through my graduating class on Facebook, just like I did on Myspace. And this is why I do not use Facebook. It seems like all the people who were unspeakably cool in high school use Facebook. I was a school newspaper nerd/druggie/rebellious 'I see no reason to go to class more than one day a week' type. My nicknames were Miss Kitty, Jessica Rabbit, and The Human Spellcheck. I was the complete misfit who never went to class but still aced all the tests. Anyway, back to Facebook. I saw lots of people I used to wish I could be, lots of guys I dated for a few weeks then got bored with. I had the unfortunate luck to see the profiles of a few people who tortured me relentlessly in eight grade.Out of all those profiles I looked at, something stood out. Something that made me actually laugh out loud. Most of those girls I was so jealous of? Fat. While I am still thin as I was then, and prettier, now that I can actually do my makeup. Bwahahaaaa... Life's simple pleasures.